(Pre-Cert, 2011)


Second limited transmission from this Demdike Stare / Andy Votel imprint. Brand new and factory sealed! 

Pre-Cert Home Entertainment return from the vinyl pits of Manchester and much further abroad to present a compendium of clues exploring the semi-fictitious and quasi-symbolic qualities of Applehead. With sublime references to Roman Catholicism, Politics & Agriculture, corruption, fairy-tales, Horrotica, Post-war European Surrealism and fumetti/giallo crime fiction Applehead's first LP is presented within the aesthetic context of cold modernist-pop and Italian and Spanish horror film music featuring randomized spoken word segments and concrete compact tape experiments. It's a seriously absorbing trip. Their sonic seed trails lead to seemingly dead ends which turn out to have secret trapdoors into yet more catacombs of references to the belgian surrealism movement, the films of Lucio Fulci, the outrageous prog ideals of Franco Battiato and a hive of sounds homaging Carpenter, Oram, Massiera, Simonetti and Besombes among them. By the end of the record, when the miasma begins to recede you'll be clearer as to the essence of Applehead's macabre mediterranean folklore and his connections to the industrial North West. Until then, you're in the dark. Album features subtly disturbed artwork from Anworth Kirk and vinyl was cut at Berlin's D&M.

Limited to 500 copies and highly recommended.