Andy Votel
Electro Who Cardio Fluxus
Cassette Store Day Exclusive



As longtime fans of Finders Keepers and—to quote one of our co-workers—“weird-ass blippity-bloop music,” we were psyched to see label founder Andy Votel launch his new Cacophonic label earlier this summer. A celebration of synth-y, button-mashing electronic music, gnarly noise and jilted free-jazz, it’s basically Finders Keepers’ estranged older brother, the one who went off his meds weeks ago and ain’t going back on the stuff anytime soon.

Or as Votel told FACT recently, "Finders Keepers celebrates how pop failures become critical triumphs which is something very close to our hearts and translates well to DJing and cinematic applications. Cacophonic comes from a place before pop exists by artists who wanted to change the world and genuinely believed they could."

To give you a more general idea of what to expect from Cacophonic in the coming year, we recently commissioned Votel to cut an exclusive mixtape that incorporates the kind of mad-for-it music he hopes to celebrate through its compilations and lovingly packaged reissues. Presenting Electro Who Cardio Fluxus: 14 Musical Re-Inventors Who Made/Played and Disobeyed Their Own UNstruments, a Cassette Store Day collaboration that's limited to 100 copies, split evenly between The Merch Table and and our favorite L.A. record store, Mount Analog.


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